Monday, June 23, 2008

Best of BS: My Kinda Man

*Originally posted on 9-2-04 (after Zell Miller's RNC Convention speech)

The liberal media is freaking out! They have no idea how to handle Zell Miller’s incredible speech last night except for claiming, ‘Women will be turned off by his angry and forceful tone’.

Who are these women? These supposed women whose genteel Jane Austen sensibilities will be turned away? I don’t know any of these women. I loved Zell’s speech –I actually thought it was the best of the convention. There were enough sound bites to last a life-time and the ‘challenge to a duel’ with Chris Matthews afterwards left me in need of a Depends...

Did you ever hear the old adage about women liking a man in uniform? Military, Policeman, Fireman...why is that? It’s because these men symbolize strength, courage, honor and a ‘manly’ quality that the stock-broker-in-the-suit-that-just-got-a-manicure will never embody. Even when women marry the suit –they dream about the uniform. We want our men strong –we want our men forceful, and we want to feel like they can protect us….even if we are quite capable of protecting ourselves. Zell Miller is a manly man. I like a manly man –I want someone that fixes his own toilet, mows his own lawn and changes his own oil.

So who are these wall-flower women that the media keeps referring to? Is there a woman who wants her man soft and submissive? Manicured and clean? Coiffed hair and un-calloused? Take a stroll down a romance novel isle in the book store…any suits on the covers? No... it’s dirty mechanics, sweaty cowboys (ah…the Marlboro Man), Confederate soldiers, Marines, Firefighters, Tanned Indians with black flowing hair and a buffalo skin loin cloth. The say latte-drinking, brief-case toting men are not there...the Birkenstock protesters crying about the evils of SUVs aren’t there –Why? Because women don’t fantasize about them... There is nothing sexy about dictating a letter to your assistant (well maybe in that weird James Spader movie…), but –as sick as it sounds- there is something very sexy about killing those who will kill us! Now, that’s a man!

Don’t believe the women’s magazines...I don’t want a ‘feminine’ man –I don’t want to see my man cry over a movie or a card –I don’t want my man to be afraid of anything (and if he is I don’t want to know about it)…and I don’t want my politicians soft either. I want them to fight to win –fight hard, fight often, fight dirty if you need to –but win!

So those women who want their men sensitive, pedicured and hair sprayed –please, vote for Kerry. You won’t find those men in our camp... Our men ride Harleys not windsurfing boards. We conservative women like our men like Zell Miller –loud and, yes, even angry when it comes to protecting his family and what he believes!

“Senator Miller, do you really believe that Senator Kerry would only equip our troops with spit balls?”

“That was a metaphor…do you know what a metaphor is?”

I think I'm in love...

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