Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Best of BS: Kindergarten Peace Pledge

*Originally posted 11-4-04 as a response to a 'Peace Pledge' that was sent home for my then-kindergartener at the time (authored by a woman named Dr. Cheryl Landy). This was the school's formal introduction to me :)

This is the letter I sent to school in his folder--attached to the aforementioned and unsigned 'Peace Pledge':

Dear Mrs. B___________,

I am returning this pledge unsigned on Busta's behalf. I do not disagree with the notion of a peace pledge. However, I feel this pledge is not age-appropriate and furthers a political and sociological agenda that dishonors our military and therefore my family.

We espouse the notion that everyone should be treated fairly and equally and champion the ideals of a non-violent world, however, this material does not address the very real necessity for security in a world such as ours. These are selfless positions of sacrifice that are undertaken by the members of our military and domestic law enforcement with the ultimate goal of peace in our midst.

Our country is currently at war and it is my belief that we need to stand firmly behind our troops.

I have read the author of this pledge's work and while I appreciate the notions that you are trying to further in school children, I disagree with the fundamental ideological tenets of the author's position. This is not kindergarten-level material and should not presented as such.

I am available to discuss this further at your convenience.

As Always,

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