Monday, May 19, 2008

WAAAAAA!!!! You Called Me a Name!!!

Why is that these crybabies wail and scream about "You attacked me!" when they are criticized, especially in the context of a campaign. Shouldn't one expect his opponent to criticize?

Recently, in a speech to the Israeli Knesset, Pres Bush said that appeasement was bad. Immediately, Obama, Clinton, Reid and Pelosi started crying about how it was unfair to criticize them and that it was below the office of the presidency. What the hell are they talking about? First, he never said he was talking about them. They just claimed that label for themselves. But even if he had named Obama, why should this be off limits?

Why doesn't Obama explain how that label shouldn't apply to him and not cry about someone using it?

Remember, "sticks and stones" and all that? If an attack is not legitimate, your defense should be a clear articulation why it is illegitimate, not just crying about being criticized.

What is Obama going to do when world leaders criticize him or when he goes to a G8 summit in Europe and a couple of thousand protesters are there burning him in effigy?

Come on, Obama, this is a game for the grown-ups. It's time to put on your big boy panties and quite crying.

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