Friday, May 16, 2008

Slipping Further in my Regard...

I was more comfortable when it was just Hillary and Barry yapping back and forth and McCain was just sitting back and watching the show. Now that McCain's talking again, I'm feeling increasingly uncomfortable. He's gotta realize that many 'Reagan Conservatives' are already making a HUGE concession in voting and arguing in his favor --but does he need to make it harder on us each time he opens his mouth?

"I'm not interested in partisanship that serves no other purpose than to gain a temporary advantage over our opponents. This mindless, paralyzing rancor must come to an end. We belong to different parties, not different countries," [John] McCain told several hundred in the capital city of Ohio, a general election battleground. "There is a time to campaign, and a time to govern. If I'm elected president, the era of the permanent campaign will end; the era of problem-solving will begin." (source)

This week has been a doozy for reluctant McCain supporters --first with the blanket affirmation of man-made global warming and now with an admonishment of PARTISANSHIP differences? Isn't DEBATE essential for DEMOCRACY? Aren't there TONS of things WORTH fighting for?!


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