Friday, May 16, 2008

No Complaining In Restaurants!

"...As the fast-food goers worked up an appetite, two former employees at the drive-in worked on a concoction of their own, spiking cola with saliva.

A Sonic spokesman says they have thoroughly investigated and taken action.

"It was brought to my attention by the manager of the store that the incident was brought to his attention that an employee had spit in a drink of a customer," Steve Richard say. "(The manager) confronted the employee involved and they were terminated immediately."

Sonic customers say the thought makes them sick to their stomach..." (source)

Any of my close friends will tell you, there's a "NO complaining at restaurants when you're with me" rule if you'd like to share a meal. I've worked in restaurants and I am well aware of what employees do to customers that are causing a problem (spitting in drinks is MINOR people!). I have seen unspeakable things -so someone that complains when they are out with me will have found one of the few things that instantly pissed me off...and ensures we never break bread again.

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