Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mother of the Year

Can you imagine shooting a kid in the leg (your own kid nonetheless) for a bet? A ONE DOLLAR bet? That's what a 28 yr. old Sheboygan, WI woman (Angelique R. Vandeberg) did when prompted by her drunken boyfriend...

"Police began looking into the incident Wednesday after a school counselor reported it to police. The girl was shot three or four days earlier, but a circular bruise with a white-colored point in the middle remained visible on her thigh, the counselor said.

The girl said the shooting occurred in her mother's bedroom, where Vandeberg was with her boyfriend after she had consumed 10 to 12 beers.

The boyfriend bet Vandeberg $1 she wouldn't shoot the child, then handed her the BB pistol. Vandeberg took it and shot the girl. The bullet, which did not break the skin, bounced off her leg and struck her 7-year-old brother, who was not injured.

The boyfriend then grabbed the gun, ran out of the house and drove away. Vandeberg told her daughter not to say anything, advising that the incident was a "family thing" and the mother would go to jail if the girl told." (source)

I'm starting to miss Cig and all his 'mandatory sterilization' talk...

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