Monday, May 19, 2008

A Moment of Silence Please

If you are expecting the typical Philly fan that has turned on her team now that they've won't find that here. My boys did awesome --WAY better than anyone predicted.

Here's the thing, I wonder what Pittsburgh fans would be belly aching about if they had to play this series minus three of their best players? I won't do that though. Even though we held our own without Gagne, Timonen and Coburn things would have been very different WITH them on the ice. I'm happy we got to the semi-finals.

There is something that bothers me though. The NHL draft operates much like the federal government. Bad behavior is rewarded and good behavior goes unnoticed. The worse the team, the better the draft picks. I guess that's a consolation for Flyers' fans though --if the Penguins wouldn't have sucked for so damn long, they wouldn't have the stellar lineup they have now. In essence, they were only able to beat us because they were highly rewarded for being SO terrible for so long --I can live with that.

And Jpck, it bothers me that you, a staunch Conservative, would pick the team full of undeserved, number one draft picks over the underdogs! Shame!

Next year.

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