Thursday, May 01, 2008

Liberal Men: Keep Trying to Convince Yourselves...

...That you love being emasculated on a daily basis. You love eating tofu and you think it's hot that your girl has more hair under her arms than you have on your head. You don't mind telling people you're a feminist and you think hockey is too violent...even though you're a dude. Yeah, keep telling yourselves that you're happy your girl doesn't care how she looks because then she doesn't hog the bathroom... Sounds great.

Yeah, I'm pissed this Thursday morning even after the Flyers were victorious last night...because I wake up and read this headline --from the San Fran Gate of course:

Laura Bush, docile doormat
Behold, the ideal Republican wife: Prim, sexless, nearly useless, lets the men do the real thinkin'. Hot!

"...There is Laura, looking exactly as she has looked for the past eight insufferable years. Prim, a bit glassy, reserved, her hair some sort of ironclad helmet of awkward architecture, the very epitome of nice, meek, domestic Republican female, not making the slightest wave and hoping no one really notices because, well, she's just a woman.

In fact, I challenge anyone reading this column right now to name one thing this woman has said or done in the past seven-plus years that shows her using her position as first lady to make any real difference. A single issue. A single notable appearance. A single daring, interesting, engaging ... anything..." (source)

The parts of the article that aren't slamming Laura for her CHOICES are praising Teresa Heinz Kerry. Mark Morford, the author, sounds like such a tool that I was glad I was just reading his words. If he were blathering on in front of me, things would have gotten ugly.

I've seen Laura Bush speak and she is NOT a "docile woman"...but this isn't really about Laura is it? He's bashing her because she choose what she thought was right for her CHILDREN. Wow, and here I thought that's what being a MOTHER was all about. God forbid Mark Morford or Teresa Heinz Kerry would know anything about self-sacrifice for the good of their children... Forget that fact that she's EMBRACING her FEMININE traits instead of trying to be a MAN.

Fuck you Mark Morford. You keep telling yourself that Conservative women are sexless and docile because this article tells me that deep down you already know that your art show going, organic food shopping, rollerblading, brainwashed self couldn't handle a Republican woman.

(H/T: to my friend Jules Crittenden for getting me this pissed at 7am!)

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