Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dean's Brain Lame Child

It should be no surprise that Howard Dean's latest brain child is pretty lame... a Wikipedia-type website devoted to the only sane choice in 2008, John McCain:

McCainpedia by the DNC

(Funny there's a 'most popular' section when it only went online yesterday...)

"...Unlike WIkipedia, though, the general public (and McCain's campaign) can't offer their own edits to the material.

The goal is to not just provide a one-stop-shop of anti-McCain information but to underscore the party's commitment to using technology to get their message out. In addition to the text, they've included video, some of it culled from the committe's trackers who've been following McCain across the country.

"While the base of the Republican Party continues to shrink, Democrats are growing our ranks by trusting the American people with the facts of John McCain's own record," said Howard Dean in unveiling the site..." (source)

I'd like the source for that bolded quote too...

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