Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carter's "Trust" and Obama's "Change"

Last night I was thinking that there were a lot of similarities between America's worst president, Jimmy Carter and America's worst candidate, Barry Hussein. I Googled "Jimmy Carter + Barack Obama" to see if anyone else had the same thought.

I found a few articles making the case for the Carter-Obama comparison:

"...Actually, the similarities between Carter and Obama are considerable. Like Obama, Carter’s resume included service in a state Legislature (rare for a president), and only a very brief stint in high-profile office, his single term as Georgia’s governor from 1970 to 1974. Obama, of course, has only been in the U.S. Senate since 2005, after an eight-year run in the Illinois state Senate.

Most significantly, both men came along at exactly the right time. Carter’s peanut-farmer-from-Plains simplicity and his oft-repeated promise that he “will never lie to you” were powerful political weapons after Nixon and his wiretapping, his plumbers and his pardon from Ford. And Obama’s message of hope—and his own life story—resonates with an electorate that, after these past eight years, feels utterly disconnected from its government and simply wants to believe in someone again." (source)

That's a good article, but I was thinking more about ideological likenesses (not just timing, slogans and comapigning)...and then I came across this gem of a piece in the Amercian Spectator:

Jimmy Carter’s Second Term, By Jeffrey Lord

"...Consciously or not, Obama has selected the philosophical template of the Carter administration, from defunding the military, fighting the "special interests" down to imposing the windfall profits tax on the rich. Well, as Justice Clarence Thomas might say: whoop-dee-damn-do! This is precisely the philosophy of Jimmy Carter, although Carter had the good sense not to campaign as the pacifist he really is in 1976, waiting until the moment his hand came off the bible for that.

IS IT POSSIBLE that America really wants to return to those depressing days of gas lines and leisure suits? Of malaise and shock over the aggressiveness of America's enemies? The days when the policies Obama is advocating raised unemployment rates, interest rates and inflation rates into the double digits? When America's enemies looked the President of the United States in the eye -- and found he really wanted to kiss them on the cheek?"
(Read the Whole Article!)

Maybe Democrats are already experiencing voter's remorse... I heard yesterday that 70+% of Democrats WANT Hillary to stay in the race...

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