Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Autism Explosion

It seems that allergies and autism numbers are rising daily. I don't remember there being even one autistic kid in my school growing up, yet my kids' school has to have two classrooms for 'autistic support.'

I know many fault 'mercury in vaccines', Actually there are families suing the U.S. over this claim... As far as I have read, autism numbers are still rising even after the 'guilty vaccine' was eradicated. I understand them wanting to scapegoat the mercury in light of the new autism study out of the University of North Carolina which points to the correlation between kids with autism and parents with mental illness and depression.

It's strange that certain things are increasing so rapidly and it's frustrating there is never a definitive answer as to why. Isn't it wild though that the more anal parents get (recalls, organic foods, anti-bacteria wipes, etc.) the more problems seem to be cropping up?

I wonder if they've explored the possibility that the rise in autism is related to the fact that so many women are waiting so much longer to start having children...

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