Friday, May 16, 2008

...And Someone Said it Out Loud

This was a letter to the Editor in a Philly paper yesterday:

White firemen are unfairly treated

"Dear Mayor Nutter:
I thought you were going to be a different kind of mayor, according to your campaign promises, than the previous mayors of Philadelphia. You were going to get rid of the bad guys and clean up the city. Well, you were informed, both in a meeting and in a letter, about the racism that runs rampant in the Fire Department, among other places. There is a double standard in the department that no one seems to care about.
When a black fireman gets in trouble, he is simply moved to another station instead of punished. When a white fireman is falsely accused of something, without any proof, he is punished without a fair hearing to clear his name.
The white firemen are afraid to complain for fear of retaliation.
These firemen put their lives on the line every day and should be treated with more respect. When promotions come up, the more qualified people are always passed over to put minorities in those positions of higher rank. There are some black firemen who have been moved from station to station to station more than once just so their trouble can go away. There are many black firemen in positions of authority who are utterly unqualified for the job, and some get the position simply because they know, or are related to, someone who holds a high rank.
Well, Mr. Nutter, if you want to clean up the problem, I suggest you start at the top with the commissioner, since he looks the other way and helps perpetuate the problem. Well, so much for campaign promises!" (source)

I have asked reporters at the Philadelphia Inquirer repeatedly where the investigative journalism was on this issue. They claim it's a budget thing and not a scared to say anything because it deals with race thing.

The situation is terrible because these guys (and girls) are brothers that are risking their lives together --the color of their skin should be a total non-issue because once burnt they will all look the same. Some of the stories would make your head spin. I wonder if the Police Department's "we all bleed blue" motto works because they (unlike the PFD) did away with their racial quotas...or if they have the same problems and I just haven't heard about them...

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