Friday, May 30, 2008

Girl's Night Out

...Yes, I admit, I have been a HUGE Sex and the City addict since the show's debut and have had tickets for tonight's movie opening for over a week. I am going with a bunch of girls tonight (my older son's teacher included) and can not wait. Mr. Big!!!

...Excuse my lapse in posting --the guest posts dried up about a week ago and I have been re-watching all six seasons before the movie tonight like I'm cramming for a final! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scott McClellan's "Revelations"

I was trying to think of something to say about McClellan's new book... Something like: If he REALLY felt this passionately about Bush and the war in Iraq, why would he publicly stand by it and defend it for 3+ years as the White House Press Secretary? He talks about Bush's "intellectual curiosity", but what does his silence (and seeming complicity) say about his intellectual honesty?

But then someone emailed me a clip of Karl Rove on Hannity & Bones basically saying the same thing.

Then I was thinking that McClellan was certainly getting a lot of press --as did Richard Clark. BUT Ari Fleischer hardly got any ink when his book came out...

Then I got an email from Matt over at NewsBusters and they already had that angle covered over at their site.

So I guess I'll just direct you to Newsbusters and Karl Rove --as they are much quicker than I these days...

Environmentalism Compared to Communism

"...Czech President Vaclav Klaus said Tuesday he is ready to debate Al Gore about global warming...Klaus was speaking a the National Press Building in Washington to present his new book, Blue Planet in Green Shackles - What Is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?

Klaus, an economist, said he opposed the "climate alarmism" perpetuated by environmentalism trying to impose their ideals, comparing it to the decades of communist rule he experienced growing up in Soviet-dominated Czechoslovakia.

"Like their (communist) predecessors, they will be certain that they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their idea reality," he said.

"In the past, it was in the name of the Marxists or of the proletariat - this time, in the name of the planet,
" he added..." (Read the entire article)

With the vocalization of skepticism growing and the ranks of those skeptics expanding daily, I just wonder how much longer the uber-greeniacs can continue to ignore the mounting evidence that man has nothing to do with climate change...? Neither now with Global Warming or in the 70's with Global Cooling.

You REALLY Need a Life When...

You have to call a taped message 500 times just to hear a woman's voice...

"...A Japanese plumber was arrested for calling a toll-free number around 500 times so he could hear a taped female voice, police said Monday. "The company has the number for 24-hour order-taking with a female voice. He said he wanted to hear a woman's voice," a police spokesman said.

Obsession with female voices is not new for Japanese police. A 37-year-old man was arrested in January after placing at least 2,600 calls to directory help over several months. Telephone operators -- who in Japan are almost always women -- reportedly nicknamed him the "don't-hang-up-man..." (source)

...maybe I'm just jealous because I don't have a sweet little girlie voice that someone would call 500 times to hear... ;)

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"We stole countries with the cunning use of flags!"

I'm confused--and curious... When did flags become symbols of jingoism & hate?

Here in the U.S.:

"...A Central Florida war veteran faces a lawsuit for flying the American flag on a pole in his front yard.
Watkins and his wife, Ria, received a final notice from the Sussex homeowners' association in Clermont that they must remove the flag or face legal action.

The former retired U.S. Navy communications officer said he refuses to back down for the American flag.

"Our people are serving today to give us freedom to do as we like here within the law of America," Watkins said. "It is my right to fly my flag from my pole and until a court of law tells me to haul that down, I will not haul it down. I think about all of the people who have served our nation and all of the lives that it's cost and all of the friends that I've lost..." (source)

And in the U.K.:

"...A TEENAGE motorist was told to remove an England flag from his car by a police officer because it could be offensive to immigrants.

"[The officer] saw the flag and said it was racist towards immigrants and if I refused to take it down I would get a £30 fine.

"I laughed because I thought he was joking, but then I realized he was serious so I had to take it down straight away. I thought it was silly - it's my country and I want to show my support for my country." (source)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Guest Post by Wendell

Obama’s Anti-American Pattern by Wendell

First there was Obama’s refusal to wear an American flag pin. Then we found out that he failed to salute the flag during at least one ceremony. There were the Che Guevara posters in his Houston campaign office. Later we find out that his wife had not been proud of America until her husband had a shot at the presidency. We’ve heard his former pastor proclaiming, “God d***n America!” along with Obama’s insistence that he had never heard such things from Wright in 20 years of attending his church. He has insulted the heartland and backbone of America by claiming that we are bitter and cling to our guns and religion because of that bitterness.

We who oppose Obama have long decried his comments and actions as being anti-American and we have been accused of being jingoistic and racist. While we see a pattern of socialist/communist leanings, the left, comes up with convenient, albeit weak excuses for him. Now it comes out that his recent Portland rally of over 75,000 people featured a local band called The Decemberists, who begin many of their concerts with the national anthem of the former Soviet Union. Source

Here are the lyrics of the anthem:
Unbreakable Union of freeborn republics
Great Russia has welded forever to stand.
Created in struggle by will of the people,
United and mighty, our Soviet land!

CHORUS : Sing to the Fatherland home of the free, Bulwark of peoples in brotherhood strong. O Party of Lenin, the strength of the people, To communism’s triumph lead us on!

Through tempests the sunrays of freedom have cheered us,
Along the new path where great Lenin did lead.
To a righteous cause he raised up the peoples,
Inspired them to labour and valourous deed.


In the victory of Communism's deathless ideal,
We see the future of our dear land.
And to her fluttering scarlet banner,
Selflessly true we always shall stand!

If the hiring of this band was the only incident, I would be willing to chalk it up to a lack of proper vetting; however, when you look at all of these, a worrisome pattern of hatred and disgust for our country emerges. Does Obama really think so highly of socialism and communism that he would allow such a band to perform at his rally, or is he too naïve to consider the actions and views of those who hires? Does he really care?

How can any reasonable person look at the evidence and come to any other conclusion? There is no explanation and no excuse for him.


From the Horse's Mouth...

John Hawkins over at Right Wing News has compiled "a list of more than 50 quotes from Barack Obama, his wife, and Jeremiah Wright among others" for your reading pleasure...

"I had learned not to care. I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though. ..." -- Barack Obama

Go Read: "Barack Obama In Quotes: Version 2.0" at RWN

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Friday, May 23, 2008

And Now The Fun Begins

“I have the knowledge and the experience and the judgment to lead this nation," McCain said. "My opponent does not.”

He went on to praise facetiously praise Obama.

“I admire and respect Sen. Obama,” McCain said. “For a young man with very little experience, he’s done very well. I appreciate his very great lack of experience and knowledge of the issues. He’s been very successful.”

Judged by the Company We Keep...and Pay For.

If we're judged by the company we keep...should be be scrutinized even harder by the company we PAY FOR? I believe we should.

Obama's mother obviously never stressed this life lesson to him.

"...An attorney and top foreign policy adviser to Sen. Barack Obama is coming under fire for representing controversial figures, including an accused human rights abuser, an alleged murderer of a U.S. soldier and even the would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan.

Greg Craig, who has been termed the "lawyer of the left," represented John Hinckley Jr., who attempted to assassinate Reagan in 1981 by firing six bullets at the president as he left a hotel. Craig was reportedly the architect of Hinckley's successful defense in which he was found not guilty by reason of insanity, even though reports by the federal prosecution found Hinckley sane.

Craig represented former Bolivian Defense Minister Carlos Sanchez-Berzain in a federal lawsuit of "crimes against humanity" due to his alleged role in the suppression of labor union riots in 2003 that resulted in the deaths of 67 people.

Craig currently represents Pedro Miguel Gonzalez-Pinzon, president of the Panamanian National Assembly, who is wanted in the U.S. for the 1992 murder of a U.S. Army soldier and the attempted murder of another..." (Read the entire story)

Given that this man is a PAID adviser...his presence on Obama's campaign may be more disturbing than Barry's Wright & Ayres acquaintances...

The beginning of the end for "don't ask, don't tell"?

"...The military cannot automatically discharge people because they are gay, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday in the case of a decorated flight nurse who sued the Air Force over her dismissal.

The three judges from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals did not strike down the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. But they reinstated Maj. Margaret Witt's lawsuit, saying the Air Force must prove that her dismissal furthered the military's goals of troop readiness and unit cohesion.

The "don't ask, don't tell" policy prohibits the military from asking about the sexual orientation of service members but requires discharge of those who acknowledge being gay or engaging in homosexual activity.

James Lobsenz, an attorney for Maj. Witt, hailed the ruling as the beginning of the end for "don't ask, don't tell."

"If the various branches of the armed forces have to start proving each application of the policy makes sense, then it's not going to be only Major Witt who's going to win," he said. "Eventually, they're going to say, 'This is dumb. ... It's time to scrap the policy.' " (source)

Clinton's brainchild: Don't Ask, Don't tell.

Military Discharges under DADT:

I'm a civilian, so it's not my position to say what should or shouldn't be. What I can say is I cringe in disgust when I hear of decorated OIF and OEF veterans being discharged because of a picture on a MySpace page. The guys those guys saved are still alive because of him --regardless of his sexual preference...

Teddy's Senate Wish Should be Denied...

Under past MA laws Teddy Kennedy would have been allowed to pick a successor to finish out the remainder of his term if he couldn't.

He wants his wife (22 years his junior) to take the seat.


"...State rules that allowed the governor to pick a temporary replacement were changed in 2004 when John Kerry was the presidential nominee and the Democratic state legislature feared then-GOP Gov. Mitt Romney would appoint a fellow Republican if Kerry won..." (source)

They can't change it back now. Sorry Teddy.

Let the Suggestions Begin...

...Boy names. GOOD ones.

Nothing on the top 50 of the Social Security list.

I like strong names. Unusual, but not made up. I don't want any name that can be mispronounced. My names (first and last) were butchered my whole life and I don't want my kid to have to deal with that.

So let's have them...

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Which Is Scarier...?!

Hillary as Obama's Veep

"...Many in the Democratic Party support a so-called dream ticket of both, with Barack Obama at the top. They believe Hillary Clinton has earned the No. 2 spot through her feisty, never-say-die campaign, and they worry that her supporters will stay home in November if she isn't part of the ticket..."

OR Hillary as Obama's SCOTUS nominee?

"...If Obama were to promise Clinton the first court vacancy, her supporters would actually have a stronger incentive to support him for president than they would if she were going to be vice president. Given the Supreme Court's delicate liberal-conservative balance, she would play a major role in charting the country's future; there is no guarantee that a Clinton vice presidency would achieve such importance..." (source)

Or this:

"...Democrat Barack Obama has opened an 8-point national lead on Republican John McCain as the U.S. presidential rivals turn their focus to a general election race, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday..." (source)

Two Judges = Return of Partial Birth Abortion in VA

A Virginia law banning a type of late-term abortion is still unconstitutional, even though a similar federal ban was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

The 2-1 decision by a panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirms the same court's 2005 ruling striking down the law. The Supreme Court had ordered the appeals court to take another look at Virginia's statute after the ruling on the federal ban.

The state law is unconstitutional "because it imposes an undue burden on a woman's right to obtain an abortion," Judge M. Blane Michael wrote in the majority opinion, joined by Judge Diana Gribbon-Motz.

The ruling means Virginia women will continue to have access to safe abortions through the second trimester of pregnancy, said Stephanie Toti, the Center for Reproductive Rights lawyer who represented abortion providers in the case.

"The court recognized Virginia's law is extreme - that it effectively banned the most common method of second-trimester abortion, and that is unconstitutional," Toti said.

The Family Foundation of Virginia said it hoped a higher court would reverse the ruling.

"It is disappointing that yet again just two people can thwart the will of the people, the action of a legislature, and simple justice for nearly born children," said Victoria Cobb, the organization's president." (source)

There should be NO second term abortion -regardless of how it's done. THIS is SECOND TERM:

For ONCE can't people put their own selfishness aside? If you get to this point (you could have used the morning after pill or had a first trimester abortion) --you need to carry the baby and put it up for adoption. At least do ONE honorable thing.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So Much for Eco-Consensus...

We have been told for YEARS now about the scientific consensus when it comes to man-mad globals warming. We were told the 'heretics' were few and far between...

"...More than 31,000 scientists across the U.S. – including more than 9,000 Ph.D.s in fields such as atmospheric science, climatology, Earth science, environment and dozens of other specialties – have signed a petition rejecting “global warming,” the assumption that the human production of greenhouse gases is damaging Earth’s climate..." (source)

Petition here.
Scientist signers (listed by State) here.

As I have said (many times) in the past, I think everyone should conserve resources. I think people that litter (especially on beaches) are scum. I think we should shy away from plastics. But none of this means that I believe global warming is man-made. And I resent being accused of using 'scare tactics' (real terrorism) to win election by a party that is using scare tactics (very disputed 'science') to win elections...

(T-shirt available at RightWingStuff)

It's a... It's a...


My God, in four short months I will be living in a house with FOUR boys...

(Face is on the right, with little arms and giant belly on the left)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dean's Brain Lame Child

It should be no surprise that Howard Dean's latest brain child is pretty lame... a Wikipedia-type website devoted to the only sane choice in 2008, John McCain:

McCainpedia by the DNC

(Funny there's a 'most popular' section when it only went online yesterday...)

"...Unlike WIkipedia, though, the general public (and McCain's campaign) can't offer their own edits to the material.

The goal is to not just provide a one-stop-shop of anti-McCain information but to underscore the party's commitment to using technology to get their message out. In addition to the text, they've included video, some of it culled from the committe's trackers who've been following McCain across the country.

"While the base of the Republican Party continues to shrink, Democrats are growing our ranks by trusting the American people with the facts of John McCain's own record," said Howard Dean in unveiling the site..." (source)

I'd like the source for that bolded quote too...

Chivalrous Obama...

"The GOP, should I be the nominee, I think can say whatever they want to say about me, my track record," Obama said. "I've been in public life for 20 years. I expect them to pore through everything that I've said, every utterance, every statement. And to paint it in the most undesirable light possible. That's what they do."

"But I do want to say this to the GOP. If they think that they're going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful. Because that I find unacceptable," he said." (source)

Is this just posturing or is this guy even more of a noob than I previously thought?

No, the GOP shouldn't make remarks about Michelle Obama's looks (pointing out things like she probably looks ROUGH with no makeup on) --that would be inappropriate and unacceptable...BUT can the GOP use her own anti-American statements to reflect upon Obama? Abso-friggin-lutely! It's germane to his character --he surrounds himself with men like Wright and Ayres and marries a woman like Michelle. Relevant in every sense.

Totally Addicted to Craig's List...

...because of ads like this:


"three pink plastic lawn flamingos, the momma, the daddy and two
babies. in good shape except the momma has a bullet hole. will
trade for a good dog or weed eater, will also consider any kind
of alcohol as long as it ain't been opened up."

Monday, May 19, 2008

WAAAAAA!!!! You Called Me a Name!!!

Why is that these crybabies wail and scream about "You attacked me!" when they are criticized, especially in the context of a campaign. Shouldn't one expect his opponent to criticize?

Recently, in a speech to the Israeli Knesset, Pres Bush said that appeasement was bad. Immediately, Obama, Clinton, Reid and Pelosi started crying about how it was unfair to criticize them and that it was below the office of the presidency. What the hell are they talking about? First, he never said he was talking about them. They just claimed that label for themselves. But even if he had named Obama, why should this be off limits?

Why doesn't Obama explain how that label shouldn't apply to him and not cry about someone using it?

Remember, "sticks and stones" and all that? If an attack is not legitimate, your defense should be a clear articulation why it is illegitimate, not just crying about being criticized.

What is Obama going to do when world leaders criticize him or when he goes to a G8 summit in Europe and a couple of thousand protesters are there burning him in effigy?

Come on, Obama, this is a game for the grown-ups. It's time to put on your big boy panties and quite crying.

A Moment of Silence Please

If you are expecting the typical Philly fan that has turned on her team now that they've won't find that here. My boys did awesome --WAY better than anyone predicted.

Here's the thing, I wonder what Pittsburgh fans would be belly aching about if they had to play this series minus three of their best players? I won't do that though. Even though we held our own without Gagne, Timonen and Coburn things would have been very different WITH them on the ice. I'm happy we got to the semi-finals.

There is something that bothers me though. The NHL draft operates much like the federal government. Bad behavior is rewarded and good behavior goes unnoticed. The worse the team, the better the draft picks. I guess that's a consolation for Flyers' fans though --if the Penguins wouldn't have sucked for so damn long, they wouldn't have the stellar lineup they have now. In essence, they were only able to beat us because they were highly rewarded for being SO terrible for so long --I can live with that.

And Jpck, it bothers me that you, a staunch Conservative, would pick the team full of undeserved, number one draft picks over the underdogs! Shame!

Next year.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Do you think this is effective?

Just Plain Cool

Get That Man A Map!!!

Barack Obama got his ass kicked in West Virginia. He knows he's gonna get his ass kicked in Kentucky. So he has decided to concentrate his efforts elsewhere.

I have no problem with that. I think that's a very good decision. I think he ought to write off those racist, gun hugging, bible thumpin' bigots and go on out to Oregon, where he can talk to people who "understand."

However, my big problem with him has always been his inherent dishonesty. He simply can't tell the truth in public, no matter how much it hurts. In private, he was honest in his opinion regarding those small town hicks in Pennsylvania. He can't do it in public.

His wife, Michelle, is going to campaign in Kentucky on Monday. Wow, good luck with that. I hope the attendees have to go through rotten tomato detectors or she'll be wearing a salad.

Obama said he just won't have time to campaign in KY before the primary on Tuesday. Seems he got called back to Washington for some votes. Geez, I guess that makes TWO votes he attended this year? But he does have time for campaigning, even in states that have already held their primaries:
Obama spoke to more than 8,000 supporters in Louisville Monday night — his first time in the state since August. He said he had hoped to spend more time in Kentucky earlier this week but was called back to Washington, D.C. for votes on Tuesday.

Since then, he’s stumped in Oregon, which will hold its primary by mail on Tuesday, and South Dakota, where Democrats vote June 3, as well as in states that have already held their primary elections, such as Michigan and Missouri.
But this is what really set me off, his BS explanations and rationalizations:
Obama conceded that he has a steep challenge to get his message and background to voters in states such as Kentucky — where he trails Sen. Hillary Clinton by 27 points, according to a poll published earlier this week — and West Virginia, where voters chose Clinton over Obama by 40 points on Tuesday.

"What it says is that I'm not very well known in that part of the country," Obama said. "Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known, coming from a nearby state of Arkansas. So it's not surprising that she would have an advantage in some of those states in the middle." (source)
Well, Senator Obamama, I have reproduced a map of those "middle" states for you. BTW, Illinois is one of those states in the middle. If you look carefully, you will note that Illinois is closer to both WV and KY than Arkansas is. Hell, IL even shares a border with KY, unlike AR.

Does anyone actually believe what this ass-wipe says?

Friday, May 16, 2008

2 Down, 48 To Go

The California State Supreme Court has invalidated a 1977 state law, upheld in 2000 by Prop 22, that defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman. This paves the way for gays to marry in CA. See this and this.

How did Karl Rove manage this? Prop 22 won by over 1.2 million votes. This is a sure fire way to get conservatives to the ballot box in November.

Personally, I think the divorce lawyers are behind this. They see a section of the population that hasn't been paying them and want in on the action.

Not For Men

OK, really, this is just gay. I'm sure it's fine for women, girls and boys raised by single mothers, but no real man would get near it.

Not that it isn't a great idea. My daughter works up quite a sweat with her Wii Hannah Montana game, but I prefer the gym, myself.

That won't stop me from buying one. My daughter and wife will love it.

Slipping Further in my Regard...

I was more comfortable when it was just Hillary and Barry yapping back and forth and McCain was just sitting back and watching the show. Now that McCain's talking again, I'm feeling increasingly uncomfortable. He's gotta realize that many 'Reagan Conservatives' are already making a HUGE concession in voting and arguing in his favor --but does he need to make it harder on us each time he opens his mouth?

"I'm not interested in partisanship that serves no other purpose than to gain a temporary advantage over our opponents. This mindless, paralyzing rancor must come to an end. We belong to different parties, not different countries," [John] McCain told several hundred in the capital city of Ohio, a general election battleground. "There is a time to campaign, and a time to govern. If I'm elected president, the era of the permanent campaign will end; the era of problem-solving will begin." (source)

This week has been a doozy for reluctant McCain supporters --first with the blanket affirmation of man-made global warming and now with an admonishment of PARTISANSHIP differences? Isn't DEBATE essential for DEMOCRACY? Aren't there TONS of things WORTH fighting for?!


...And Someone Said it Out Loud

This was a letter to the Editor in a Philly paper yesterday:

White firemen are unfairly treated

"Dear Mayor Nutter:
I thought you were going to be a different kind of mayor, according to your campaign promises, than the previous mayors of Philadelphia. You were going to get rid of the bad guys and clean up the city. Well, you were informed, both in a meeting and in a letter, about the racism that runs rampant in the Fire Department, among other places. There is a double standard in the department that no one seems to care about.
When a black fireman gets in trouble, he is simply moved to another station instead of punished. When a white fireman is falsely accused of something, without any proof, he is punished without a fair hearing to clear his name.
The white firemen are afraid to complain for fear of retaliation.
These firemen put their lives on the line every day and should be treated with more respect. When promotions come up, the more qualified people are always passed over to put minorities in those positions of higher rank. There are some black firemen who have been moved from station to station to station more than once just so their trouble can go away. There are many black firemen in positions of authority who are utterly unqualified for the job, and some get the position simply because they know, or are related to, someone who holds a high rank.
Well, Mr. Nutter, if you want to clean up the problem, I suggest you start at the top with the commissioner, since he looks the other way and helps perpetuate the problem. Well, so much for campaign promises!" (source)

I have asked reporters at the Philadelphia Inquirer repeatedly where the investigative journalism was on this issue. They claim it's a budget thing and not a scared to say anything because it deals with race thing.

The situation is terrible because these guys (and girls) are brothers that are risking their lives together --the color of their skin should be a total non-issue because once burnt they will all look the same. Some of the stories would make your head spin. I wonder if the Police Department's "we all bleed blue" motto works because they (unlike the PFD) did away with their racial quotas...or if they have the same problems and I just haven't heard about them...

No Complaining In Restaurants!

"...As the fast-food goers worked up an appetite, two former employees at the drive-in worked on a concoction of their own, spiking cola with saliva.

A Sonic spokesman says they have thoroughly investigated and taken action.

"It was brought to my attention by the manager of the store that the incident was brought to his attention that an employee had spit in a drink of a customer," Steve Richard say. "(The manager) confronted the employee involved and they were terminated immediately."

Sonic customers say the thought makes them sick to their stomach..." (source)

Any of my close friends will tell you, there's a "NO complaining at restaurants when you're with me" rule if you'd like to share a meal. I've worked in restaurants and I am well aware of what employees do to customers that are causing a problem (spitting in drinks is MINOR people!). I have seen unspeakable things -so someone that complains when they are out with me will have found one of the few things that instantly pissed me off...and ensures we never break bread again.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carter's "Trust" and Obama's "Change"

Last night I was thinking that there were a lot of similarities between America's worst president, Jimmy Carter and America's worst candidate, Barry Hussein. I Googled "Jimmy Carter + Barack Obama" to see if anyone else had the same thought.

I found a few articles making the case for the Carter-Obama comparison:

"...Actually, the similarities between Carter and Obama are considerable. Like Obama, Carter’s resume included service in a state Legislature (rare for a president), and only a very brief stint in high-profile office, his single term as Georgia’s governor from 1970 to 1974. Obama, of course, has only been in the U.S. Senate since 2005, after an eight-year run in the Illinois state Senate.

Most significantly, both men came along at exactly the right time. Carter’s peanut-farmer-from-Plains simplicity and his oft-repeated promise that he “will never lie to you” were powerful political weapons after Nixon and his wiretapping, his plumbers and his pardon from Ford. And Obama’s message of hope—and his own life story—resonates with an electorate that, after these past eight years, feels utterly disconnected from its government and simply wants to believe in someone again." (source)

That's a good article, but I was thinking more about ideological likenesses (not just timing, slogans and comapigning)...and then I came across this gem of a piece in the Amercian Spectator:

Jimmy Carter’s Second Term, By Jeffrey Lord

"...Consciously or not, Obama has selected the philosophical template of the Carter administration, from defunding the military, fighting the "special interests" down to imposing the windfall profits tax on the rich. Well, as Justice Clarence Thomas might say: whoop-dee-damn-do! This is precisely the philosophy of Jimmy Carter, although Carter had the good sense not to campaign as the pacifist he really is in 1976, waiting until the moment his hand came off the bible for that.

IS IT POSSIBLE that America really wants to return to those depressing days of gas lines and leisure suits? Of malaise and shock over the aggressiveness of America's enemies? The days when the policies Obama is advocating raised unemployment rates, interest rates and inflation rates into the double digits? When America's enemies looked the President of the United States in the eye -- and found he really wanted to kiss them on the cheek?"
(Read the Whole Article!)

Maybe Democrats are already experiencing voter's remorse... I heard yesterday that 70+% of Democrats WANT Hillary to stay in the race...

Hypocrisy: It's a Dem Thang...

It's perfectly okay for Liberals to call the President of the United States a monkey and depict him as such on signs, websites and t-shirts...but point out the similarity between Curious George and Obama and you're a racist throwback. Why is that? I thought the Left was all against 'Intelligent Design' and all believed we weren't 'created', but 'evolved'...from monkeys. Well, then why wouldn't some of us (Bush & Obama) still resemble them? And if it's scientific fact --what would be wrong about acknowledging it?

"The owner of the Georgia Tavern insists that the shirts weren't meant to offend and has described them as "cute," but protesters disagreed, saying that it is a racist slam against Barack Obama.

Several people as well as community groups held protests outside of Mulligan's Bar and Grill on Tuesday. Those groups included, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Nation Of Islam, and the Cobb Immigrant Alliance." (source)

The Slow Death of Individuality

"SAN FRANCISCO -- Public schools don't violate students' freedom of expression by requiring them to wear uniforms, a federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled Monday.

In a 2-1 decision, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Nevada school district's clothing rules against challenges from students, including a high school junior who was suspended five times for a total of 25 days for wearing a T-shirt with religious slogans." (source)

I find this very amusing. The MOST liberal court in the land rules that uniforms aren't a violation --the same court that probably admires the uniformity of communism and subscribes to the "we're all winners!" mentality... Let's turn our kids into the North Korean army --maybe if we make them indistinguishable it will be easier to mold them into one and keep their minds from straying to thoughts of their own...

I know many of you don't agree and are cool with uniforms...but you're wrong --it's the first step.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fact Checking...?

This is's "Obama in 30 Seconds" contest winner, John Weiler. He claims to be a lifelong Republican, a Veteran Air Force Master Sergeant and currently a SoCal detective. I want to know if this is on the up and up. Maybe he was registered with the GOP, but was he an active voter...had he ever voted or become involved before? I don;t know, I'm just having trouble swallowing a life long Repub & military member endorsing Obama so blindly wholeheartedly...

McCain Falls for the Hoax

"I will not shirk the mantle of leadership that the United States bears. I will not permit eight long years to pass without serious action on serious challenges. I will not accept the same dead-end of failed diplomacy that claimed Kyoto. The United States will lead and will lead with a different approach — an approach that speaks to the interests and obligations of every nation" (source)

McCain made this affirmation of man-made global warming and took this swipe at President Bush on Monday...the coldest May day here in Philly since some time in the 1800s.

This is more disheartening to me than the illegals thing --at least that could come from a soft spot, but this can only come from complete ignorance or lack of reading/research...

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guest Post by Free0352

I saw this today. Obama is trying to frame the coming vote on the new GI Bill as McCain and Republicans not supporting veterans. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The question is “how” to expand the GI Bill, not “should we expand it”?

This all stems from Democratic Senator Jim Webb’s bill (GI Bill SS22). There is currently a great debate in military circles about the pro’s and cons of each program with junior soldiers supporting one, and career soldiers supporting the other.

In reality, both are good Bills that will nicely compensate a lot of troops.

The Democrat Bill has many pros, but doesn’t have some of the more attractive features of the Republican Bill and appears to create a whole new GI Bill bureaucracy. The Republican Bill doesn’t offer as much money to one-term members, but has key features in it that make it hugely attractive to career military members.

I am supporting John McCain’s bill for several reasons, but mainly because it provides a sliding scale where the longer you serve, the more benefits you get. If you serve a lot of years you end up with more benefits that with SS22. Most attractive of all- the Republican bill allows a member to “give” their GI Bill benefits to a family member. I think that will enhance retention in the service for troops by allowing the option to give the Bill to their children or spouse.

Its not that I’d like to see one term troops get screwed... but I think I should get more for 10 years of service than the guy who served three. I don’t want to get into a military class war here. Were I still a private I’d be contemplating a “Fuck you Sergeant” to be honest. Bottom line as far as I’m concerned is this- I’ve “put in” more so I should get more.

This issue is of course near and dear to my heart, having gone to school myself on the GI Bill. I’m now done with it. I won’t need it again, and McCain and Lindsey Graham’s bill has a provision for guys like me. After a period of years (of which I already qualify as I’ve served 10 now) I can pay into the GI Bill and “give it” to my daughter. Obviously this for my situation is highly advantageous. In fact, I can see myself supporting SS22 if it had this feature, as it’s the one most attractive to me.

In the end this situation is good for veterans because if either passes, it will be good for service members. But don’t let anyone tell you McCain doesn’t support veterans. He’s cosponsoring the Bill this vet would like to see passed.

-by free0352

Autism Explosion

It seems that allergies and autism numbers are rising daily. I don't remember there being even one autistic kid in my school growing up, yet my kids' school has to have two classrooms for 'autistic support.'

I know many fault 'mercury in vaccines', Actually there are families suing the U.S. over this claim... As far as I have read, autism numbers are still rising even after the 'guilty vaccine' was eradicated. I understand them wanting to scapegoat the mercury in light of the new autism study out of the University of North Carolina which points to the correlation between kids with autism and parents with mental illness and depression.

It's strange that certain things are increasing so rapidly and it's frustrating there is never a definitive answer as to why. Isn't it wild though that the more anal parents get (recalls, organic foods, anti-bacteria wipes, etc.) the more problems seem to be cropping up?

I wonder if they've explored the possibility that the rise in autism is related to the fact that so many women are waiting so much longer to start having children...

Thank You Kali...and Allen Carr

As many of you know, I have wanted to stop smoking forever. There have been many reasons why I haven't--topping them is recent smoking bans, sanctimonious non-smokers and ever more sanctimonious ex-smokers. I am not a person that is told what to do very easily... A few years ago Kali gave me "The EASYWAY to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr. It sat in my bookshelves for years. Maybe I didn't believe a book could help you quit, maybe I didn't really want to quit or maybe I just needed to do it in my own time without nagging and condescension...

I got the kind of space and advice I needed from both Kali and Allen Carr. Kali bought me the book and just gave it to me. She didn't preach or bug me about reading it...she just bought it and sent it. Allen Carr isn't some dude that's never smoked --he was a hardcore 5 pack a day smoker. He doesn't employ 'scare tactics': which bore the pants off of smokers btw. While you are blathering on about all the ills of smoking, the smoker you are talking to is looking you up and down and thinking about all of your faults and belittling you in their mind. Trust me.

Though I am no longer a smoker, I will NEVER turn into a PITA ex-smoker. The smokers among us are not the weak ones --they are normally the strong willed over-achievers (who else could force poison into their lungs 20+ times a day)...

I'm not sure why this book/method isn't more talked about -especially by doctors. In the past I have tried hypnotism, the patch, nicotine gum, and willpower: and all failed.

Thank you Kali for your gift(s)...the book and the non-judgmental attitude!!!

How Invested in '08 Are the Iraqis?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Guest Post by Free0352

I saw this today. Apparently, pointing out that the terrorists in Hamas just love Barry Obama is now a smear-- instead of just stating a fact.

"This is offensive, and I think it's disappointing, because John McCain always says, 'Well, I'm not going to run that kind of politics,'" Osama said. "And then to engage in that kind of smear, I think, is unfortunate

I’m pretty sick of whiny little Democrats crying and moaning every time someone says something they don’t like about B Hussein Obama, especially when it's him doing the limp wristed liberal panty waste whining. If this is any indication of his campaign strategy, criticizing him in any way means either you’re racist or smearing poooooor Barry.

Hey B. Hussein Obama, quit being such a little bitch! If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the election!

Bottom line, Hamas isn’t afraid of Obama. Six day old kittens aren’t afraid of Obama. He’s definitely one of the black men his grandmother isn’t terrified of. Obama isn’t the kind of guy you’re scared of robbing you in a dark alley, Obama is the kind of guy criminals rob in dark alleys. Maybe that’s why liberals identify with him so much, he’s a wimp just like they are. Bill Clinton is John Rambo compared to this guy. Perhaps the Democrats can dig up John Edwards to teach Obama about being a tough.

John McCain endured years of torture at the hands of radical socialists; Obama means to give us years of torture as President by being a radical socialist, only not a very intimidating one. I’d love to see his reaction for five minutes to a few of John McCain’s Viet Min interrogators. Judging by his reaction to simple (and accurate) criticism like this I bet he’d have signed an Air Pirate confession in about 20 seconds and bent over for the nearest communist.

McCain makes Hamas tremble in their turbans. Looks to me Obama is more worried about how nice McCain is going to be than forming a coherent policy on terrorism. What a pussy. Besides, how can Obama stand up to Hamas when half his supporters actually rally for the terrorists!

(Berkeley protester Photo Courtesy of Zombietime)

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Great Post on HuffPo?!

Thankfully I skim through the email that Yahoo sends to the Bulk folder every once in a while because this article sent by Bourgeois Deviant was buried in there and I would have missed it...

The article posted at HuffPo and written by Sam Harris is called "Losing Our Spines to Save Our Necks" and deals with the perils of 'religious sensitivity' when it comes to governments dealing with Islam.

It deals mainly with the Geert Wilders' film FITNA, but states some obvious (but oft forgotten) truths:

"The film has been deemed offensive because it juxtaposes images of Muslim violence with passages from the Qur'an. Given that the perpetrators of such violence regularly cite these same passages as justification for their actions, merely depicting this connection in a film would seem uncontroversial."

"Controversial or not, one surely would expect politicians and journalists in every free society to strenuously defend Wilders' right to make such a film. But then one would be living on another planet, a planet where people do not happily repudiate their most basic freedoms in the name of "religious sensitivity."

"The point is that only the Muslim community is combustible in this way. The controversy over Fitna, like all such controversies, renders one fact about our world especially salient: Muslims appear to be far more concerned about perceived slights to their religion than about the atrocities committed daily in its name. Our accommodation of this psychopathic skewing of priorities has, more and more, taken the form of craven and blinkered acquiescence." Amen!

"There is an uncanny irony here that many have noticed. The position of the Muslim community in the face of all provocations seems to be: Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say that it isn't, we will kill you."

"It is perverse for the western media to lament the lack of an Islamic reformation and willfully ignore works such as Wilders' film, Fitna. How do they think reformation will come about if not with criticism? There is no such right as 'the right not to be offended; indeed, I am deeply offended by the contents of the Koran, with its overt hatred of Christians, Jews, apostates, non-believers, homosexuals but cannot demand its suppression.

It is time we recognized that those who claim the "right not to be offended" have also announced their hatred of civil society. "

I could quote most of the article here because it is so poignant and superbly you should really just go read the whole thing for yourselves.

(Huge H/T: Bourgeois Deviant)

Sad...and Honorable

This story is incredibly heartbreaking, but I wanted to post about it to juxtapose all the stories about awful parents in this country...

"...Chicago police say a man died as he tried to shield his four-year-old daughter from an auto allegedly driven by a man under the influence of a controlled substance.

Joseph Richardson was walking his daughter Kaniyah to a McDonald's for burgers late Monday when a car jumped the curb. Police say the 39-year-old Richardson grabbed his daughter just before the car slammed the two into a fence.

Richardson was pronounced dead at the scene. Kaniyah was taken to Comer Children's Hospital in serious condition.

Police say the driver of the car, 32-year-old Angelo Thomas of Chicago, was charged with two felony counts of aggravated DUI. Witnesses say the man was driving erratically before the accident.

Richardson, a church musician, was the father of three, two girls and a boy, all under the age of 10..." (source)

How wonderful to finally read about a parent whose first instinct was to protect their child. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children. I hope their church and community are supporting them through this horrific tragedy.

Reality of the Burqa

I am sure by now many of you have read about Sergeant Steven Liczbinski, killed here in Philadelphia last Saturday. What hasn't been as widely publicized is the preamble to the shooting...the fact that the killers (all Muslim) were dressed in Woman's Islamic garb...burqas.

Watch the surveillance video

A head to toe covering such as this affords anyone an anonymity for many a nefarious act that would be red flagged were it any other type of covering...

The Latest on CBFTW

For those of you that haven't heard...Colby (a.k.a. CBFTW, the blogfather, Buzz) has been recalled and will be heading back to Iraq for a second tour.

You can read the full OpEd that he wrote about it here.

As many of you know, I have always credited this site to him and would definitely never have started blogging without having discovered his blog and having to create a Blogger account to post comments there.

I know he is upset about the realities of a second tour, but in spite of that I hope he also knows how much support he still has from many of his original readers here. Colby, if you need things (photography books, memory cards, macro lenses) while you;re there...please don't be shy about asking. I'm sure with the help of many here, I can easily find a way to get it to you!

(H/T: ~Jen~ & Ernie)

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