Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yeah, It's Society's Fault...

"...They tried motels. They tried relatives. They tried homeless shelters.

When a high-risk sex offender was about to be released from prison, he had no place to stay. The state told him to sleep under a bridge beneath U.S. 2 near Snohomish.

"That's not an acceptable place to be living," Snohomish Police Chief John Turner said. "There is an issue. Where do sex offenders live? Where can they live?"

There's another issue, too.

Three days after being released from prison, David J. Torrence, 43, on Wednesday cut off the electronic monitoring bracelet he was issued and stopped reporting to his parole officer.

A nationwide no-bail arrest warrant has been issued for Torrence. He's a level-3 sex offender and considered at the highest risk of reoffending..." (source)

Is it me or does this article seem to imply that this sub-human is on the loose not because of the State's SERIOUS screw up, but because civilians take issue with having a pervert near their schools, churches and playgrounds? If he's at the "highest risk of re-offending" he shouldn't be out anyway. Level 3 sex offender and they told him to SLEEP UNDER A BRIDGE. Only on the left coast...

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