Friday, April 18, 2008

Washington Post Orders Philadelphia Flyers to "Cease-and-Desist"

The other day grimjack said this in the comments:

"Part of Bettmans pussification of hockey to allow the masses to watch the game. Yet the TV ratings keep getting lower. At some point they will realize that hockey is and always will be a cult sport in comparison to the other 3 major sports."

And I couldn't agree more. But it would seem from this Washington Post article by Mike Wise...I am just another "Philly fan that looks like security at a Megadeth concert and is vulgar and out for blood."

Seriously though, the gist of the article is that hockey (via the Caps) was rising to an acceptable level where men in suits could be seen. A sport where the 'my kids can't even have a police man figure if it comes with a toy gun' crowd could happily take their children...and that the Flyers and the Philly fans were ruining all that and dragging the sport back to its Broad Street Bully hay days...

Read Mike Wise's entire, condescending piece here.

"Flyer fans didn't want to beat Washington as much as see Ovechkin bludgeoned, his teammates emasculated. [pictured: Ovechkin on HIS KNEES!] They flat-out market and sell violence here, sanctioned, unbridled assaults disguised as sport.

The Flyers are an instant repudiation of what Gary Bettman wanted the league to become. They are a reminder of the NHL's pugilistic past that just won't go away."

And get this, the Flyers were going to print 20,000 copies of this article and distribute it to all the fans at last night's game (we won btw), but the Washing Post sent a cease-and-desist order! The article went up on the big screen anyway.

In keeping with grim's aforementioned description and this article, the rest of the country (Jpck included) can thank us all here in Philly for dragging the game back from the clutches of the elite and keeping it real!


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