Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank You...

...To everyone that has emailed guest posts...keep 'em coming! :)

Today they are especially appreciated, as last night we spent 5 hours of 'family time' in the local ER. My brilliant 9 year old decided he would carve a stick he found (damn me for buying him all those survival books) with a Henckels steak knife and severed most of the skin on his finger. It was a giant flap. Really, really gross.

I remember asking my dad how I would know if something needed stitches and at the time he said 'when it does, you'll know." He was right. Six stitches and 5 hours later (Jesus, can you imagine the wait if it was a public, government funded clinic and not a local, private hospital!?) we were finally home.

I'm still traumatized. I know with two boys I have to get used to this...but seeing my little guy with blood everywhere was something I really could have done without.

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