Monday, April 28, 2008

Request From Iraq

A medic from Alpha company 1/6 Infantry (which just entered Sader City) sent this request:

"Want to be a bad-ass American? Then please send me the following items:
White Crew socks
Gold Bond
Any kind of sweet-ass tactical gear that is bad-ass
Grey DUCK tape (not the generic shit)
AT&T Phonecards
Oakley 6" desert tan SI boots in size 10.5 wide
"Foxtrot Litter" from
A pony
Some snacks and stuff
A water pump
Canned air
Krylon Ultra-Flat tan and olive drab spray-paint
Cookies, Runts and Bottlecaps
Dragon-skin body armor
iPod's and any other montage-making materials.
*This is a shortened request from several guys in my platoon.

This can all be sent to the following address:
CPL Andrew Nunn
A. Co. 1/6 INF TASK FORCE 1/6 Camp Taji APO, AE 09378

If you think that I am joking about any item on that list, you are horribly mistaken. We're in Sadr City and it fucking sucks. We're the people that let you live free, don't f*** us."

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