Friday, April 04, 2008

The Other Morning...

Little Ninja (my 7 yr. old): "Mom, Obama is going to make them lower the gas prices. Isn't that good?"

ALa: "Make who?"

LN: "I don't know, but that commercial keeps saying he will."

ALa: "Ninja, Imagine this. You figure out how to make flying carpets. It costs you a lot to make them because you have to pay people to dig for the materials, people to clean them, weave them and ship them.

LN: "There's no such thing..."

ALa: "I said imagine. France has the ability to clean, make and ship them too, but they choose not to. Then the President of France comes to you and says, 'Ninja, make your carpet prices lower.' What would you say?"

LN: "I'd tell him it was none of his business and to make his own carpets."

ALa: Exactly what OPEC, the ones that dig for and refine the oil, would say to Obama or any other American president. The only way an American President can help lower prices would be to open more refineries here and drill in Alaska...neither of which he'll do."

LN: "The why does the commercial say he can do it?"

ALa: "Because he's counting on the fact that wishful thinking will overpower reason."

LN: "..."

ALa: "Truthfully, he's counting on the people seeing the commercial being dumb and not thinking about the reality of what he said."

LN: "Well, who wants a President that wants people to be dumb?"

ALa: "Exactly."

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