Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Operation Chaos

You are probably aware that Rush Limbaugh has this Operation Chaos thing going on. He has encouraged people to vote in the Democrat primary to keep Hillary close so she doesn't drop out. He doesn't care if she wins or not, but just wants to keep her and Obama fighting against each other and not against McCain.

I learned, through super secret special sources, that he has enlisted the aid of others. Names, which will be revealed, that you will recognize. This information comes from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, on the basis that if the source's name were revealed, you would find out that I just made all this up myself.

Rush has accomplished a master stroke. He has identified someone who is very close to each candidate and planted them deep within the respective campaigns. People who could no more be disowned than, say, someone's own grandmother.

In the Obama campaign, he has placed the most Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Wright is doing everything possible to hurt Obama. The most impressive thing is that Rush has done this without the knowledge of Obama OR Wright. Wright doesn't even know that he is an Operation Chaos operative!

On the other side, Rush has co-opted Bill Clinton. He is working against Hillary at least as hard as Wright is against Obama. It isn't clear whether he knows he is an Operation Chaos operative or not. It is not impossible that he has his own motives for dragging Hillary back. Rumor has it, however, that Rush's Visa bill shows repeated large charges to McDonalds in towns where Bill has been sighted.

Now, if we could only find out what is going on with Michelle.


Someone else noticed.

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