Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama, What "Change"? Code Pink Kinda Change?

This is a great article about Barack Hussein Obama. OMG, I did it, I said his middle name!

To be brutally honest, his voice is a bit wimpy and soft-spoken for my liking, so I normally tune him out. But, now I want to know if Obama has ever named what the "change" he so often touts will be? Has he made a list of things he'll change, named one major change or does he just say the word change and people swoon? Has he given a plan for getting our troops out of Iraq? Do his followers actually believe he'll go against all military advice and pull the troops out?

Maybe that's it...the change will be what happens to his Iraq story after he's elected and has to explain to the American left that no President in their right mind will be responsible for creating the next pre-9/11 Afghanistan by withdrawing the troops...

I just have no idea what this guy stands for besides saying 'change', claiming he can lower gas prices and saying he'll end the war. That's not entirely true, I know he believes in socialized medicine and partial birth abortion too. Can someone help me out here --is he really converting people just by saying the word "change' and not even explaining what that change will be?!

One group that seems to be embracing the message wholeheartedly is CODE PINK (telling huh?) According to the new FEC disclosures, they have bundled more than $50,000 for Obama. ("Bundling allows a designated individual or organization to bypass campaign finance limits by collecting the contributions of others and "bundling" them together.")

"The donations have raised questions about Obama’s association with the more radical elements of his base. Code Pink has harassed, vandalized and impeded military recruiters across the United States in a campaign it calls “counter-recruitment.” The group also gave $600,000 to the families of Iraqi terrorists in Fallujah, whom it called “insurgents” fighting for their homes." (source)

"Code Pink's treasonous behavior on foreign soil has been equally disgusting.

The organization traveled to Iraq to give $600,000 in aid to what they called "the other side" so they could resist Coalition Forces. The "other side" is a euphemism for Islamic terrorists. But remember, according to the worldview of Barack Hussein Obama, these terrorists have nothing to do with the jihad that's been declared against America.

Kicked out of Pakistan after protesting the Pakistani governments efforts to combat the jihadists operating in that country, Code Pink's leaders have also been some of the strongest proponents of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's regime. Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin even renounced the United States and moved to Cuba before being kicked out by the government there. Turns out, even tyrants have standards. Who knew?

But not Barack Obama, he's taking the bundled Code Pink money and proudly reporting the donations to the FEC." (source)

This might be worse than sitting through 20 years of "White-America" Bashing Sermons...

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