Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jack Murtha's 40 Million Dollar False Accusation

"... Last week's development in the Haditha case -- the dropping of all the charges leveled against Lance Cpl. Stephan Tatum for actions related to Haditha, Iraq -- drives another nail into the shameful accusations made by Time magazine and Rep. John Murtha.

Time magazine, with an assist from the Pennsylvania Democrat, sparked a legal and media inquisition against eight courageous United States Marines. Both Time and Murtha claimed these Marines committed cold-blooded murder in Haditha during a 2005 engagement.

They also alleged the Marines participated in covering up their alleged atrocities.

But after years of litigation and estimated $40 million in taxpayer funds expended, none of the Marines have been found guilty of committing murder or war crimes
..." (source)

I honestly think that in addition to a personal apology to the Marines AND America, Murtha should be liable for all court costs these Marines paid out of pocket (I'd like him to reimburse all court costs, but I realize that's overly wishful thinking).

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