Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hot Air from Across the Pond

How many stories have been posted here (over the past year alone) about the ridiculous concessions and appeasements made by the government in the U.K.? Given all their self-inflicted, home grown terror, failed socialized medicine system, failed 'everyone goes to Uni for free' system and volume of citizens 'on the dole'...I think they should worry about cleaning their own house instead of concerning themselves with OUR election.

This might be one of the most asinine OpEds I have read in a long time --and obviously that's saying a lot.

Here's a snippet:
"...America may not yet be ready to elect a black President. Worst of all, it has created conditions for the possible election victory of a militarily belligerent and economically unqualified Republican candidate who supports many of President Bush's worst policies. Given the Bush Administration's domestic and foreign failures, the disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan and, most recently, the slump in the economy, the possibility of a Republican victory in November would seem to overturn every principle of proper democracy - and also the hope of America and its system of government being rehabilitated in the eyes of the world after the Bush years. The fact that Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton are both such impressive candidates, intelligent, sincere, articulate and in command of the issues, while John McCain does not qualify on any of these criteria only makes matters worse..." (Waste 3 minutes of your life)

Isn't it amusing that there are always a plethora of reasons offered for a Republican win --and never maybe, just maybe, more people here in America are Conservative leaning and actually realize that self-reliance, free market and defending Democracy are actually worthwhile pursuits?

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