Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Homage to Ronald W. Reagan

My oldest has a "Living Wax Museum" project in lieu of a final non-fiction book report. The practice run for the younger grades was yesterday and the main performance for the whole school and parents is tomorrow night. This is a really cool project where the kids pick a historical figure, write a speech that they must give when anyone pushes their "button" and make a poster depicting the life of their character.

Busta is doing...Ronald Wilson Reagan. As he was doing the research, I learned a lot about a man that I already respected deeply.

-I never knew he saved 77 lives as a lifeguard.
-I didn't know that he was so opposed to discrimination (WAY before the Civil Rights movement), that he would ask Black couples that were turned away from the Inn next to his childhood home back to his house for dinner and sometimes to stay over.
-I never knew that none of Hinckley's bullets hit him directly, but ricocheted off the bullet proof glass of his limo and missed his heart by less than an inch.
-I didn't realize that Jelly belly jellybeans created their blueberry flavor specifically for Reagan's inauguration, or that they created the Jelly Belly bean canister for him so he would have something that couldn't spill on Air Force One.

There is a girl in his class doing Hillary. When I pushed her button part of her speech was, "When I speak, even Republicans listen!" :)

Busta's Speech:

"Win one for the Gipper! Hello, I'm Ronald Wilson Reagan. In the 1930's I was known for my films, but now I am known as the 40th President of the United States of America. I became President on January 20, 1981. While I was in office a mentally ill man named John Hinckley Jr. shot me. I was very injured but I lived to serve for eight years. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

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