Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Communion, Batman!!

"Giuliani breaks rules by having Communion at papal mass"

So says the headline at Reuters.

My first thought was, "Hey, it's none of our business!" I don't go to mass to see who else is there or who is taking the host. That's between them, the priest and God.

But, I do have to admit that my second thought was, "Where was the bold headline when John Kerry took communion? Or what about Bill Clinton, who isn't even Catholic?"

That's because the liberal press didn't care when Bill or John took communion. They just wanted to embarrass Rudy.

Let's look at the article. It says that a Catholic who is divorced and remarries cannot take communion unless they have an annulment and are remarried in the church or they abstain from sexual relations with their new spouses.

Is it true that Rudy broke the rules? Did Rudy get an annulment? Geez, how should I know? The article didn't even address this. Has he been abstaining? Extremely unlikely, but the article didn't discuss this.

Interestingly, the article mentioned that Mayor Bloomberg attended the mass. It also mentioned that he is Jewish. However, it didn't mention whether "Reuters [confirmed] that he took Communion from a priest" as they did with Rudy. Heh.

Did he break the rules? Probably, but the article doesn't present the evidence to support it's headline.

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