Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Wins Big in Pennsylvania

It seems those of us that reside in South-Eastern PA believe we are Pennsylvania. Over the past week or so people seemed generally shocked when I said Hillary would win here with a big margin. They forget that Philadelphia and her suburbs are only a small part of this state. They forget that much of PA is rural and that York, PA still holds KKK parades. Maybe we try to forget that on purpose...

There is barely a lawn around here that didn't boast an Obama sign. There were Mercedes painted in soap that read "Change!" There were Elementary school children wearing the Che-inspired Obama shirts that read "Hope." To no avail. Hillary won by 10 pts and gains 20 delegates.

My question is --who do we want to win? Which candidate is more easily defeated in the general election? I can imagine the 527 ads against Obama and I'm liking what I envision... Unless of course McCain 'denounces' them all.

The Man's bother admitted yesterday that 'white guilt' played a role in his vote for Barack. At least he's honest, but what a crock of crap. Colin Powell would be getting earned votes, not pity votes. If Barack sent in a resume for this job, he wouldn't even have made it to the interview level --never owned a company, never ran a state...

Speaking of that, they are predicting a big win for Obama in North Carolina saying that he brings out the African American vote --but I looked up North Carolina's census information this morning: 74% white 21% Black.

On a relieved note, the Union thug (currently under indictment) that was running for the State senate, was defeated. A big union leader losing by 12 pts...sweet.

And who are the 120,000 people here in the Keystone state that voted Ron Paul?! I know ONE. A President that wears sneakers with a suit? Is that what we've come to?! ;)

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