Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Almost-Run In With Obama's Flock

This cross-state survey that shows Hillary maintaining a substantial lead over Obama here in PA -despite his 250 ads to her 1 per hour (that we have been bombarded with for the pat month) is a good excuse for me to impart a strange little Obama happening the other day...

My sister (AB), her best friend and I were shopping the other day on a nice little street in the area with great consignment stores and coffee shops. All of a sudden the entire street was flooded with "Obama Canvassers" armed with stickers, buttons, clipboards and Birkenstocks. It was almost all women -come to think of it, I can't picture one man in the throng. They descended on the street like locust and surrounded every person they came upon. At the time of the plague, we happened to be sitting outside a coffee shop sipping Chi and eating some warm Philly pretzels. We watched as the drones asked EACH and EVERY person, "Are you for Obama?" and stopped to chat or get a signature. I SWEAR this is true --as they approached the three of us they looked over but walked right by to the two Rockabilly guys at the next table and then proceeded down the block. Not a word to any of us.

I really don't mean to be silly, but the ONLY explanation is they ASSUMED we were Republicans because we were all dressed feminine and cute and didn't look like gym teachers... Am I missing something else it could be? It's not like I was wearing my "McCain is my homeboy" shirt --I only bought that for Tater. :)

John Hawkins over at Right Wing News has complied a list of 'the best' Barack, Wright and Michelle Obama quotes--definitely worth the click.

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