Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Halal KFC

"...Last month, the restaurant's east Dearborn restaurant began selling halal chicken, a change that reflects the growing demand for halal products among metro Detroit's sizable Muslim population.

Underneath the colonel's bearded face, the store's sign reads "Now serving halal original & crispy." The juxtaposition of an American icon with Islamic tradition is a striking display of the changing landscape of southeast Michigan. Halal meat is not new to Dearborn's butcher shops and Arab restaurants, but a growing number of national chains have been accommodating the local demand for Muslim food in recent years..." (source)

I guess what strikes me so strange about this is the fact that I haven't noticed any fast-food chains advertising kosher or lent meals... If you noticed, the constant theme of my bitching is always about disparity. I don't care that Muslims get Halal chicken (I'd probably order that considering it might be better meat), but I do care that no one else gets the same coddling.

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