Saturday, April 26, 2008

From The Blogroll: Things You Shouldn't Miss

  • The first thing you shouldn't miss tonight is the Flyers and their goalie-god Marty Biron.

  • Remember the Obama/Rev. Wright ad that McCain asked the North Carolina GOP to stop running...according to Michelle Malkin, McCain never even saw the ad. I wasn't really sure why everyone was so worried about his age. My Dad says it's because people get 'softer' (or more mellow) as they age...I guess he has a point.
    Common Sense Political Thought thinks this ad elucidates a serious double standard.

  • With Philadelphia's new mayor breaking from the State and attempting to forge his own gun restrictions to curb violence in the City of Brotherly love...this story over at 'Common Folk Using Common Sense' piqued my interest:
    Shootings In A Gun-Free City

    "...But how can this be? Both the state of Illinois, and the city of Chicago, are the most restrictive locations for gun ownership. We are told time and time again that all we have to do is ban guns and crime will disappear. Well, Chicago has all but banned guns, and what are we seeing?

    More and more gun violence..."(Read the whole post)

  • K MacGinn has an interesting little blurb up from Neil Cavuto over at Hummers & Cigarettes about the mindset of this country regarding the economy.

  • Robbie, over at Urban Grounds, has a quote from Karl Rove about Obama that I hadn't seen. I didn't realize until watching the video I posted the other day that Barack voted 'present' instead of 'yes' or 'no' so many times --why isn't a bigger deal being made about that?
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