Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Free Trade

If I was given the opportunity to ask either Obama or Hillary why they think jobs and businesses are going overseas (or why companies are hiring illegals for that matter), I wonder what they'd say?

Of course I'd follow up that question by pointing out their strong support of Unions and asking if they at any point stopped to wonder if the union's proclivity for falsely driving up prices was a major part of the problem...

When vying to be the leader of a Capitalist nation, I would think one should have a basic understanding of capitalism.

When it comes to TALK the union-supporting left will march for the "innocent civilians in Iraq" and the "detainees" in GITMO and have bumper stickers that scoldingly read "God Bless the WHOLE world"...but don't mess with their Union rates when doing so! When it comes to the one thing that really helps these countries (economic stability in trading with the US) they want no part of it.

If you want more jobs and businesses to remain here in the US, reign in the unions.

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