Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flashback...Circa 1997

The night The Man and I got married was also the first night of the '96-'97 Stanley Cup Playoffs --Philadelphia Flyers vs. The Detroit Redwings. We had beaten Pittsburgh, Buffalo and the Rangers all in five games apiece to win the Eastern Conference championship and I feared no one would come to the wedding because of the game (this is Philly after all).

Our solution? We set up TVs in three rooms so everyone could see the game and had a Ron Hextall jersey hanging amidst the flower arrangements. We lost 4-2, but everyone came and stayed.

What made me think of that this morning? Busta's 'Living Wax Museum' is tonight and it's game 4 of the Flyers -Canadiens series. I'm sure the school won't be as magnanimous as I was...

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