Thursday, April 24, 2008

Contribution Request

1001 caricatures of Mohammad

What should the answer of the freedom loving peoples of the west be against the fascist forces in Islam who threaten with violence to stop critical opinions and caricatures of Islam?

If you are one of many who share my beliefs that we have to fight this totalitarian ideology, you now have the possibility to participate.

I am writing a book called "1001 caricatures of Mohammad" as a defense, for the right to ask the critical questions and make caricatures. As you understand from the book's title, I need contributions in the form of 1001 caricature drawings of Mohammad.

I am writing this book under a fictional name because of the dangers associated with expressing critical views of Islam. Any contribution will be protected in the same manner.

Make history; defend the freedom too many take for granted. With a pen you can stand up and fight for the right to be free in the battle of liberty for all the peoples of the world. Send your contribution to:

Yours sincerely

John Smith, Norway


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