Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Businesses Leaving Berkeley

This is how the bay Area Chapter of Code Pink views their "mission" at the USMC recruiting station:

"This fight is about war and ending war. This is about recruiting our youth to be the fodder of war. It is not about the marines. It is not about being anti-American. It is not about rights, freedom, or apple pie.

It IS about this occupation of Iraq: about the 1.2 million dead Iraqis, 3950 dead U.S. soldiers, trillions of dollars of our tax payer money, the attack on our civil rights and constitution, torture, rape, wounded and neglected soldiers, suicide, depleted uranium.

It is about recruiting youth to be the occupying forces Iraq.

Women say ENOUGH! Basta! The People of Berkeley say ENOUGH! Basta!

We MUST take back the language from the right: END WAR NOW! We MUST take back the messaging. We must stand up for Peace." (source)

But the Code Pinkos have achieved much more than this mission statement. They have inadvertently hurt their beloved "peace-loving, anti-war town" by driving away businesses that are sick of the protests and the backlash.

"..."All they're doing is giving our city negative press-they're removing our businesses," Webb said. "I actually have had to remove our address from our Web site because we received negative feedback from our customers about being here."

Webb's complaint is one of many the city has received about demonstrations disrupting business Downtown.

"There definitely are a lot of businesses, particularly in that area, that are concerned with the noise," said Dave Fogarty, the economic development coordinator with the city. "Customers are being driven away because of the lack of parking and the difficulty of getting to the businesses."

But Webb said it was not the noise but the high crime rate that prompted his decision to relocate.

Berkeley police Sgt. Mary Kusmiss acknowledged that the increased manpower at the protests has sometimes taken away from other police roles..." (source)

Code Pink: so absorbed in their own agenda that they will end up truly damaging the "sanctuary" they delude themselves into thinking they protect.

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