Thursday, March 13, 2008

VPs Revealed BEFORE the Nomination

I know it's an improbable request, but I think presidential candidates should have to give voters some idea of who they would pick for their VP slot BEFORE the primaries --even if that only entailed giving a list of five possibilities.

I never thought about it much before I read that Romney was hinting that he wanted the nod. I don't think any of the failed candidates should ever get it --they didn't get the nomination because the MAJORITY of the party didn't want slipping them in the back door is just wrong. IMO anyway.

I got to breathe a huge sigh of relief when Romney dropped out and now I have to be nervous again? The Dems have a candidate that is inspiring cultish singing and we are going to have an old white guy and a guy most Americans think is actually part of a cult? Great.

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