Wednesday, March 12, 2008

T-T-T-Too Much Time on Her Hands...

In another preposterous misappropriation of power and taxpayer money, Bolder City Colorado (specifically Lisa Pedersen, the director of Boulder Animal Control) is wasting court time to bring a $1500 fine against a hairdresser that dyed her poodle pink with organic beet juice to promote breast cancer awareness...

The ordinance they are charging her of violating was created to stop people from coloring bunnies and chicks at Easter:

"Bolder City, CO ordinance: 6-1-14- Dyeing Fowl and Rabbits Prohibited; Selling Dogs, Cats, and Fowl Limited.Go to the top

(a) No person shall dye or color live fowl, rabbits, or any other animals or have in possession, display, sell, or give away such dyed or colored animals." (source)

Beyond the absolute waste of time, I have two points for Joy Douglas' (the hairdresser) lawyer:

1) If the "dyeing" was done with organic beet juice, it's not a's stain.

2) The Humane Society woman claims that they have 'warned Douglas several times' and she was ticketed on March 1st. If the hair is dyed/stained, it's going to stay that way despite warnings. Duh. Would they prefer she BLEACH the dog and actually damage the skin?

This is so ridiculous I can barely stand it.

Boulder Animal Control: Lisa Pedersen at (303) 442-4030, ext. 629.


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