Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sex Offenders & Your Money

"...Across the nation, dozens of sexual predators have been taking higher education classes at taxpayer expense while confined by the courts to treatment centers. Critics say they are exploiting a loophole to receive Pell Grants, the nation's premier financial aid program for low-income students.

Prison inmates are ineligible for Pell Grants under a 1994 law. Students convicted of certain drug offenses are also ineligible. But sexual predators qualify once they are transferred from prison to treatment centers.

"This is the most insane waste of taxpayer money that I have seen in my eight years in Congress," said Rep. Ric Keller, R-Fla., who is pushing to stop the practice. "It is a national embarrassment that we are wasting taxpayer dollars for pedophiles and rapists to take college courses while hardworking young people from lower-class families are flipping hamburgers to pay for college."

Moreover, some institutions report that sex offenders are putting the financial aid to questionable uses by buying such things as clothes, a DVD player and music CDs - sometimes, after they have dropped out of school. Pell Grants can legally be put toward expenses that are education-related. But the unused portion of a grant is supposed to be repaid when someone withdraws from school..." (read the entire story)

I would much rather it be regular prison inmates, who have a shot at rehabilitation, getting the education than sex offenders who everyone knows will re-offend and will remain either predator or parasite.

I know it's a tall order, but if McCain can honestly clean up all these bulging government loopholes that siphon hundreds of thousands of dollars for nonsense...I might just be inclined to forgive all his past foibles.

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