Wednesday, March 05, 2008

As Reported by the Liberal Media...

This is NOT from a Conservative web page, but from the DD (which I think is in the top three Lib Blogs with Kos and Atrios):

"Arab Media Loves Obama

NPR reported that reaction to Obama in the Arab countries after Super Tuesday was quite positive. According to Eygptian newspapers and media, the Arab world is routing for Barack Obama. The Arab media points to the fact that Obama's father was a Muslim- this is an often publicly stated and applauded fact." (source)

In other Muslim news:

"Dozens of Muslims flocked into a small town house on Capitol Hill to take a big step, last week. Their goal, to raise funds needed to elect Andre Carson of Indianapolis, IN as the second Muslim to the halls of Congress.
The Carson for Congress fundraiser was held last Wednesday night, February 6th doors from the national headquarters of the Muslim civil rights organization, CAIR." (source)

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