Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pizzas of the World

I got my little ninja the Scholastic Book of Lists and have been enjoying it almost as much as he has.

Two of his favorites are the "Gross Food Eaten Around the World" and "What other Countries put on Pizza". I thought I'd share the Pizza list:

Australia: Eggs
Bahamas: Barbecue Chicken
Brazil: Green Peas
Chile: Mussels & Clams
Columbia: Guava
Costa Rica: Coconut
England: Tuna & Corn (My sis-in-law says this is big in Japan also)
France: Fresh Cream
Guatemala: Black Bean Sauce
India: Pickled Ginger
Japan: Squid, Mayonnaise and Potato
Pakistan: Curry
Russia: Red Herring

I highly recommend this book if you have Elementary School kids -the lists are endless from wars to misspelled words, kinds of poetry, presidents and prime numbers...

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