Thursday, March 06, 2008

Obama's Proposals: Much More Foreboding Than His Middle Name

How did it come to be that in a country that has always used the middle names of presidents, serial killers and assassins...we now have a presidential candidate that we can't use the middle name of or we're racist, fear mongers? Do you think if McCain's middle name was unlucky enough to be Adolph -the left and the media would refrain from using it? No way...they'd drop the John altogether I'm sure.

Listen, the fact of the matter is Obama IS a Muslim by their own definition. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you meet someone's old Bubby and tell her your mom is Jewish but your dad a Catholic and you'd never been to synagogue --She's still consider you a Jew...from the womb of the mother. The Muslim tradition is similar, but it's more like from the loins of your father. Barack's (from "barakah", also a Arab name BTW) father and grandfather were Muslim...and in Muslim tradition he is "automatically a Muslim." But that's just semantics, right..?

"... Obama's efforts to distance himself from Islam contrasts with his innovative approach to US relations with its Islamist challengers.

President Bush has chosen the "iron fist" - invading Afghanistan and Iraq, quarantining the Islamic Republic in Iran, keeping Syria's Baathist regime in check and helping a dozen Muslim states fight al Qaeda or its variants. McCain and Clinton offer variations on the same theme, albeit with twists and turns to satisfy their constituencies.

By contrast, Obama offers a policy of dialogue and accommodation. He has opposed listing Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization and proposed a grand bargain with Syria's rulers. He is even prepared to ignore two UN Security Council resolutions that require Iran to stop its uranium-enrichment program as a precondition for talks at the highest level. He has campaigned for a formal congressional move to prevent Bush from taking any military action against Tehran.

In an important symbolic move designed to signal an end of the special relationship between Israel and America, Obama has become the first major presidential candidate in 25 years not to commit himself to transferring the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Last but not least, Obama has promised to withdraw from Iraq in his first year in office - meeting a key demand of all radical Islamist forces, Sunni and Shiite.

The message is clear: Obama wants a new relationship with radical forces in the Islamic world while distancing America from its traditional regional allies. In other words, he proposes to reverse policies that have taken shape over more than six decades under 12 successive American presidents.

It's this revolutionary idea that deserves to be examined and debated, not the origin and meaning of Obama's middle name..." (Read this entire article)

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