Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Claims Ignorance

He didn't know his pastor was a racist. He didn't know his church of 20 years was located in the "United States of White America". This is all horrifying news to him, the innocent victim.

"...The mushrooming church scandal has taken the shine off the golden boy of politics, a two-decade regular at "unashamedly black" Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

With his phony defense, the Democrat front-runner has exposed himself as both a typical Beltway spinmeister and a hypocrite.

He's suddenly shocked — shocked! — that his black nationalist church would spew anti-American venom.

"I did not hear such incendiary language myself, personally," he insisted, "either in conversations with him or when I was in the pew."

"If I had been in church those days, I would have objected fiercely to them and I would have told him personally," he now claims.

Really? A reporter witnessed Obama nod his head in agreement during a July 22, 2007, sermon in which Wright trashed the "United States of White America."

Here's another whopper Obama tells concerning Wright: "He hasn't been my political adviser, he's been my pastor."

Yet it turns out Wright quietly had a formal role in Obama's campaign, and was only pushed out last week as a member of his spiritual advisory committee when the tapes hit the airwaves.

Spinning harder, Obama claimed Wright's remarks are not "reflective of the church." (Read this editorial)

I've been trying to get my brother (that voted for Obama in the NY primary) to read Obama's church's website for months. Not as spin, but because I found it to be really disturbing (not to mention a glaring double standard)-- I'm just glad to see it's finally being addressed in the MSM.

If you think this is spin or a shot in the dark ploy to knock Obama down a few notches...maybe you need to listen to a few of the "sermons".

I guess we'll all just have to wait with bated breath to see how Obama spins this today here in the City of Brotherly Love as he is forced to make a speech about race & religion. Salt1907 has a prediction post about what the speech will cover.

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