Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Rare moment of Media Honesty

A little while ago I wrote a number of articles that drew a correlation between the media coverage of liberals who call our soldiers Nazis while insisting we have lost the war and the spike in battlefield deaths. It is an odd coincidence how spikes in violence inevitably always follow in the wake of MSNBC and CNN blasting anti-war sound bites from the highest mountain. Anybody with common sense would conclude that the two were related. Of course for the lefties the two things they don’t take much pride in is common sense or personal hygiene, so the whole topic just made them feel bad; how dare we question the patriotism of someone carrying a “Fu*k the Troops” banner or a person who has tattooed the face of Ché Guevara just above their tramp stamp. Well even those who still believe that Hillary was dodging sniper fire in Bosnia couldn’t keep a straight face over the connection between negative liberal coverage of the war, and troop deaths. One of the lefty news outlets finally cracked.

US News and World Report has published an article about two Harvard economists who have concluded a study that came to the same conclusions that correct thinking people had years ago; anti-military and anti-America statement in the media are a source of encouragement for the enemy. Of course neither US News or Harvard have the courage to call a spade a spade. They refer to dishonest, misleading, and treasonous statements made in the media regarding our military as simply "antiresolve" statements.

As long as they are taking these baby steps toward honest reporting, perhaps we can next get them to include the party affiliation of “Democrat” when doing stories about Jim McGreevey, Elliot Spitzer, or Detroit’s Kwame Kilpatrick.

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