Friday, March 28, 2008

Is This Serious Enough For You?!

"...Three new general election surveys on Thursday showed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) again losing against his two rivals for the presidency. Match-ups between the Republican nominee and either Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) or Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) have resulted in stalemates in recent weeks. Also significant is that Obama is once again coming out ahead of Clinton in surveys against McCain.

The Public Policy Institute of California said McCain would lose to Obama, 40 to 49 percent, and would also lose to Clinton, with 43 to 46 percent. However, the fact that voters may find Obama to be a stronger candidate against McCain than Clinton, could have an effect on those Democrats who have yet to vote in the primary, as well as undecided superdelegates.

The Republican nominee likewise loses to both Democrats in a Pew Research survey taken between March 19 and March 22. The poll found McCain was defeated by Obama 43 to 49 percent and by Clinton 44 to 49 percent..."

Still planning a protest vote against McCain? Brilliant plan.

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