Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Huckabee's Out, McCain's "It"...Who Will be the Veep?

"Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has conceded the Republican nomination to rival Senator John McCain, R-Ariz." (source)

It was depressing reading all the "I won't vote for McCain" posts over at Free Republic last night. I guess I've never understood the logic of "protest votes" or "protest abstinence" in a General Election... That's what primaries are for IMO. I honestly don't get how Conservatives will be able to sit back in their Lazy Boys and watch either Obama or Shrillary take the Oval Office.

The other thing I was curious about: all the people that were debating voting for Hill in their primaries. You can do that? We can't do that here in PA and I thought that was a nation-wide thing. If you want to switch your party, you'd have to do it months before the actual election. I agree with that 100%. (Though it would be good for us in this primary) You should only be able to vote your party so you can't swing the vote of another party. I'm curious now about how many States you can vote (D) or (R) in the primary regardless of how you're registered...

Back to McCain. Now the veep search gets serious and McCain's choice is REALLY important on two fronts:
1) Many Conservatives don't trust him and his choice of VP could bring some back to the fold -whereas a weak pick could further alienate them.
2) McCain is the oldest nominee for a first term Presidency and a strong Veep could calm some of the age-related concerns.

I know I said that Fred would be a great choice, but two old white guys might not be in the cards right now...especially after seeing the combo referred to as 'the cancer card' even on Conservative sites.

I am pulling for JC Watts --who is just as articulate as Obama, but much better looking. He was the "was the first African-American elected to statewide office in Oklahoma" and after four terms in Congress has much more experience than Obama. I have always liked JC and hope the rumors that McCain is considering him are true...

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