Monday, March 10, 2008

How Do You Achieve "Success" as a Blogger?

Though I am not an "A list" blogger, I receive many emails asking how one goes about Blogging successfully and building traffic. There are many theories on this out there, but as the blogosphere is flooded with more and more blogs each day the task will only become more daunting.

My first bit of advice would be to do it because you want to...for you. If you go into it thinking your going to be able to quit your job (or make money at all), you're going to be very disappointed. I can look at many of the Blogger's revenues in Blogads and trust me...very, very few are living on their blog proceeds. It can happen, but it's rare and most of the Bloggers that get big advertising had "ins" elsewhere first (Malkin, Atrios, Perez).

Second (and stating the obvious), you have to actually blog. Novel idea huh?

So that is my "B list" Blogging advice, but there's an "A lister" that does live off his blog proceeds that offers a much more comprehensive list that can give you some hints about what it takes to run a successful site:

John Hawkins of Right Wing News & The Conservative Grapevine (both always available in my "Vital links" section) offers up:

The Top 10 Reasons Bloggers Don't Succeed

I am definitely guilty of #6 "They take days off." But, I decided long ago that if ever my 'real life' and my blog obligations should collide...real life will always take precedence...and I'm okay with that.

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