Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Guilted Into Green Racket

Anyone out there with kids knows that an umbrella stroller is normally around $20. Unless you're my sister and need yours to say JEEP (even though I'm the one with the JEEP and she has a Volvo), then you'll pay about $35.

Yesterday she, the aforementioned sister, called me to tell me about an ad in one of her Parenting magazines. It was for a 'green' umbrella stroller with a "be kind to the environment" header on the ad. The cost of being a global warming crusader you ask? $190!

So, the next logical question is how can one umbrella stroller be 'greener' than another one...$170 greener I might add. So I guess you use man power to push this one as opposed to my old $20 model that was jet fuel powered? This is really devolving into a sickness...and a very profitable one at that.

Speaking of global warming... I recently (and reluctantly) gave The Man my Grand Cherokee and and now a full-fledged SUV driver. I now drive a Ford Explorer V8 XLT. Bigger than I wanted, but what's a girl to do...I need the room and we got a great deal. The first thing I did was design my own bumper sticker at MakeStickers.com:

Can't wait until it comes and I can have fun watching people's heads explode in my rear view...

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