Saturday, March 29, 2008

From The Blogroll: Things You Shouldn't Miss

  • If you haven't seen Geert Wilders’ 15 minute film "Fitna", you might have trouble finding it online now. Little Green Footballs posted that "" (Where I saw it) has removed the film because of death threats. Not surprisingly, the European Union has condemed the film. And some kooky lefties in the Netherlands are apologizing for the film. I'm not sure how you denounce and apologize for a film that has no OpEd content in it and is ONLY clips of actual events, speeches of Muslim clerics and verses from the Qu'ran, but hey...that's the new PC world in which we dwell.

    Pat Dollard won't cave and has the movie over at his site where it will stay.

  • Dana at Common Sense Political Thought has a post and video highlighting the 'peaceful nature' of this country's peace advocates. We've all seen Zombie's photos and videos depicting the violent acts committed by the 'War is not the Answer' crowd (I still want to know what the question was!), but this story makes it a bit more personal. ...The woman assaulted was Philly Blogger Skye of Midnight Blue. There's more on the story here. The 'man' that assaulted Skye is "John Meicht , a college professor who taught a course at Widener University last spring."

  • I think it's been obvious from the amount of times I've posted about him...but I just LOVE David Bellavia (author of the amazing book: House to House)
    AFSis has a post up with clips of David's speeches from the Vets for Freedom tour. It seems that David has decided to go up against a Iraq Veterans Against the War candidate for a Congress seat.
    "Mr. Bellavia is the recipient of both the Silver and Bronze Stars, and the Conspicuous Service Cross, New York State 's highest award for combat valor. He also has been nominated for The Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions in a fierce, urban, hand-to-hand fight in the battle of Fallujah in November 2004."
    I just wish I was in NY so I could vote for him! Go check out some of those speeches!

  • Honest Partisan admits that he is biased (in favor of Obama), but thinks his "Race and Religion" speech was a home run. Really? He says that the argument that he was "excusing the inexcusable" was a Conservative attack, but I wonder if that speech would have been good enough if McCain's pastor and mentor had given the same speeches. Somehow I doubt it. I loved watching Obama stumble over Elisabeth Hasselbeck's softball questions on The View yesterday...

  • You can go over to Support Your Local Gunfighter and see what your blog's "Cuss Level" is. Luckily comments don't factor in or I'd be in trouble! ;)
    My results: "Around 3% of the pages on your website contain cussing.This is 67% LESS than other websites who took this test."
    See, 12 years of Christian school paid off!

  • This isn't "from the blogroll", but I thought it was a great story.
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