Saturday, March 08, 2008

From the Blogroll: Things You Shouldn't Miss

  • Of course the left will say this is 'fear tactics', but I wonder if they can honestly say they disagree...
    Basil offers up his defense of Representative Steve King who said that if Obama wins al Qaeda will be dancin' in the streets.

  • Heartless Libertarian thinks the upcoming stimulus package is actually a handout for the unemployed and an advance of next year's refund. I have received similar emails and have been unable to find any proof that this is an advance on next year. Please let me know of there is proof to sustain the allegation.

  • Instead of just speculating, Common Folk Using Common Sense gives us the facts on Obama's Christianity...right from his church's website.

  • Robbie, over at Urban grounds, posts about the Left's war on military recruiters. He's "looking forward to the day when the rules of engagement against domestic enemies are lifted, and these soldiers are allowed to defend themselves and their posts." ...I think we all fantasize about that day.

  • Dana (Common Sense Political Thought) has an interesting post about the '08 candidates, WalMart, Unions and NAFTA: What Wal-Mart Gets and the Candidates Don’t)

  • Tammi has a great post of that illustrates what "her mind's eye" sees when she pictures Iraq. March 20th will be the five year milestone. I love the images she choose.

  • SoHos has posted some of the coolest fruits and veggies I've ever seen...

  • Linz gave birth to her 5th on February 20th... We were over their house the other night and I SWEAR, they're already talking about MORE! Go say Congrats if you get a chance.

  • Captain America expressed his opinion on the California homeschooling debate much more diplomatically than I did.
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