Sunday, March 02, 2008

From the Blogroll: Things You Shouldn't Miss...

  • (As always) There are quite a few things I could link over at The Rotti. First, a blogger dedicated to exposing the Associated Press ("Snapped Shot") is now being sued by them. You have to read this, it's unbelievable. And (not that this is a shock), but the U.N. has condemmed Israel for defending herself.

  • Ron, over at Ron's Musings, is a big Huckabee guy. Quite frankly, I've never really seen the reason behind the attraction and always just assumed that Huckabee fans were actually just anti-McCain. I am willing to admit when I have my mind changed though... Mike Huckabee was on The Tyra Banks show on Friday (yeah, so I watch Tyra if I'm home -sue me) and he was incredibly likable. He did a great job and I was very impressed with quite a few things. two in particular were: Saving Arkansas money by living in a trailer while the Governor's mansion was undergoing renovation and his ideas about Government spending transparency. I know it could ever really happen, but he proposed that EVERY check cut by the government (state and federal) be available online within 24 hrs. for all taxpayers to see.

  • Hummers & Cigarettes has a "letter sent out by the Obama campaign". I wish :)

  • Honest Partisan has a list of what he feels are "Bogus and Non-Bogus" Criticisms of Barack Obama. Needless to say, his "bogus" list is quite a bit longer than the "non-bogus."

  • My bro and I were just talking about Obama fans that honestly believe he will withdrawal the troops. (In the interest of full disclosure my bro voted for Obama in the NY primary and is on a PhD fellowship right now -so a pretty smart, though still in his 20's, guy). We both agreed that there is no way Obama would pull the troops against all military advice and were wondering if anyone was naive enough to think differently. Bourgeois Deviant and I go way back and I know he's a smart dude too...but this post leads me to believe he may be one of those that are falling for the hype.

  • ****Most of the "Blog Awards" out there (that recognize women's contributions) focus around those dreaded "Mommy Bloggers" --what women should be doing right? Writing about the grocery store, whining about their husbands and changing diapers and leaving the politics to the men. Bleh! That interests me as much as having acupuncture on my eyeballs.

    FINALLY, blog recognition that focuses on the few, the brave and the proud...Women POLITICAL/NEWS bloggers!
    "Who says women don't like to talk about politics? We have identified over 2000 women who publish political commentary on more than 800 blogs and websites. Coming soon will be our directory of women bloggers and commentators who write about politics. You'll be able to find new perspectives from other women and vote for your favorites.

    During Women’s History Month, help make women’s voices heard.

    WVWV is honoring those women that have utilized the internet to amplify their voices.

    Nominate your favorite blogger by March 21, then check back to vote for your favorite among our top 10 women bloggers.

    Remember to visit later in the month to vote for your favorite in the first round." (source)

    I am not linking this simply because I happen to be one of those female political bloggers, but because I'm stoked that there is actually some recognition for the women that choose to get their hands dirty in something other than their kids' mudpies! ;)

  • My mom knows I despise forwards, yet insists on sending them. I rarely find the jokes funny, or the cats cute or the babies endearing. Actually, I usually delete them as soon as I see "Fw:". I know, I know...I'm mean --but obviously those Fw people have a very different idea of funny than I do. What I hate even more than the pics of kittens in ballerina costumes are those 'scare" emails that if even ONE person on the mass mailing list would have bothered to check on Snopes or UrbanLegend would have found it wasn't true...I digress. Anyway, she sent this over this morning and I actually did watch it. Though I'm not normally a sappy kinda girl...I thought this was nice. And it being Sunday and all.
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