Friday, March 28, 2008

American Flags are a "Visual Blight"?

"...State Road 7 in Hollywood is one patriotic corridor.

From small tire shops to major car dealerships, it seems nearly every business on the busy roadway has its own sizable supply of Stars and Stripes flapping away.

City commissioners are considering regulating the mass displays of American pride, calling it a visual blight. During a recent city meeting, Mayor Peter Bober called for a citywide limit on the number of flags allowed at a business, especially along State Road 7, also known as U.S. 441.

Bober and others say they want to reduce the numbers of flags in proportion to the geographical size of the business, although no parameters have been set.

While such a rule is only in the preliminary discussion phase, city officials said Friday that a draft has been drawn, modeled after other cities. No date has been set to debate it..." (source)

I wonder if lawmakers ever consider the media attention they're going to get when they concoct these invasive laws. Even a blame-America-first, flag loathing citizen has to be disgusted that this is what their tax money is funding... Right?

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