Tuesday, February 12, 2008


V-Day HintBefore you buy your sweetie chocolates (I would advise against this impersonal gift anyway...), be sure to check the expiration date!

"...BS 2 HD did its own investigation, purchasing six bags of Valentine's Day treats at stores around New York City. Of those six bags, five were inedible.

From the finest of truffles to candy bought in bulk, most of these products were expired and showed signs of improper storage, like melting and reshaping. Some of the chocolates had white dots or streaks, called a "bloom," which means the chocolate is stale.

"I would not eat that and I would not advise anybody to. It's just disgusting," Buckley said after seeing the results.

And though you won't get food poisoning, the rotten chocolate just may upset your stomach and certainly a romantic evening.

Buckley was shocked that store shelves could be stacked with so much bad chocolate just days before the sweetest of holidays.

And CBS 2 HD's investigation grew even more appalling. A luscious looking giant Hershey kiss we purchased had some secret admirers inside: an infestation of worms.

Chocolate makers advise to check for expiration dates. Chocolate has about a year's shelf life. Still, many stores don't enforce expiration dates, so it's up to you. If the chocolate is sub-standard, take it back and demand a refund..." (source)

Are you still struggling for some personal gift ideas? Here's a few suggestions:

  • Pajamas are always a great gift. You can get the PajamaGram (which come in a cute hat box with drawer sachet's) This pair and this pair are very cute.
    or you could go the sexier VS route -hard to go wrong there: This is adorable, or if she's more the flannel type of girl.

  • A Spa gift Certificate for a manicure, pedicure, hot stone massage and facial (ask her girlfriends for recommendations though--no walking through the Yellow Pages for this one).
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