Monday, February 18, 2008

Strangest Thing I Never Knew...

"...There exists an ear wax gene that determines the type of ear wax that you will have. Native Americans and Asians tend to have gray, dry, and flaky ear wax while Caucasians and those from African decent tend to have moist, yellow to brown ear wax. The cause is believed to be in the sweat glands. Native Americans and Asians were believed to have less sweat glands due to colder climates then Caucasians and Africans..."

*phone rings*
MyBro: Hello.
ALa: Hey!
MyBro: Hey, I haven't talked to you in a while.
ALa: I know, and I'm calling with a really strange question.
MyBro: What?
ALa: Is Ruka's ear wax gray?
MyBro: What?
ALa: I read something today that said Whites, Blacks and Hispanics have yellow ear wax and Asians and Native Americans have dry, gray wax.
MyBro: Really? I don't know if she does.
ALa: But you're engaged!
MyBro: That doesn't mean I've ever seen her damn earwax!

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